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Ungava Gin celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new look


Québec’s beloved gin brand celebrates this important milestone with the theme “Gin Ungava en fête”

Cowansville, QC, May 25, 2021– Ungava Spirits Co. is proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iconic gin with a brand new bottle showcasing its Québec roots. Under the theme “Gin Ungava en fête”, Ungava Gin’s new look marks the beginning of a string of announcements to be made in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

In 2011, Ungava Gin was the first local brand to become available at the SAQ. Its distinctive taste has earned it several prestigious awards over the years, including the World Spirits Award Gold Medal in 2020, 2018 and 2016. While the gin features a new look showcasing a map of the Ungava region where the herbs are sourced, it still uses the original recipe that made it successful.

“Québec gins have soared in popularity, and it’s a privilege for Ungava Gin to have been one of the pioneers of this type of local spirits. Ungava Spirits celebrates its flagship product and is delighted to help Quebecers rediscover this exceptional gin with hints of citrus. Ungava Gin is proudly made and bottled at the Ungava Spirits distillery in Cowansville, in the heart of the Eastern Townships, using six Arctic botanicals from Northern Québec. Crafted in small batches with a unique selection of 100% natural ingredients, Ungava Gin has a captivating aroma and an intriguing colour,” said Frédéric Boucher, Director, Sales at Ungava Spirits.

The gin industry has enjoyed a meteoric ascent lately as it is the fastest growing alcoholic drink in Québec. The versatility of gin—which can be consumed neat, on the rocks, in a refreshing gin & tonic or in sophisticated classic cocktails such as martinis—has made it increasingly popular with consumers and bartenders. In this thriving industry, Ungava Gin remains a key player with nearly 400,000 bottles sold annually1, making it the best-selling local gin in Québec.

For new cocktail ideas to celebrate “Gin Ungava en fête”, try the Ungava Gin and Tonic, a modern twist on the classic for grapefruit lovers; the Bee’s Knees, a delicious blend of gin, honey and fresh lemon; or the Golden Negroni, to quench your summer thirst with a tangy cocktail. These cocktail recipes are available at ungavagin.com.


Ungava Gin & Tonic

Bee’s Knees

Golden Negroni


For more information about Ungava Gin, visit our website ungavagin.com, follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@ungava.gin.quebec) and share your posts with the hashtag #UngavaGin.

For high-resolution images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e3ec2hma2l5wyu6/AACrEDHmqexZreEZp_4kFHJEa?dl=0.


43.1% ABV; 750ml; $36.00 SRP

Featuring a rare botanical mix of Wild Rose Hips, Crowberry, Labrador Tea, Cloudberry, Arctic Blend and Nordic Juniper, Ungava Gin is crafted using traditional techniques and a unique selection of 100% natural herbs and berries to the Ungava Bay region in Québec. It offers both a distinctive color and captivating flavor that is lively, smooth, fresh and floral. On the nose, Ungava offers sweet, floral notes with bright citrus and bold juniper. On the palate, the juniper flavors develop with an intriguing contrast between sweet tea and tart berries, followed by a warm and spicy finish.

Ungava gin is available at the SAQ. Its retail price is $36.00 for a 750 ml bottle.

About Ungava Spirits

Ungava Spirits is a leading producer of premium-quality craft spirits. The distillery is located in Cowansville in Québec’s beautiful Eastern Townships region. Its award-winning spirits are produced in small batches, using the highest quality natural and local ingredients. Ungava Gin, Cabot Trail Whisky and Cream, Quartz Vodka, Chic Choc Spiced Rums and Kayak Vermouths are some of Ungava Spirits’s flagship products.

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1ACD Data, Retail Sales Volume, March 2021

1ACD Data, Retail Sales Volume, March 2021

By Valérie Lavoie