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The crisis brings to light everyone’s true value.

Tribute to the different actors in our health system, brilliantly rising to the challenge.

Tribute to the agri-food sector and to retailers, thanks to whom we can continue to eat a healthy diet, even in times of crisis.

Tribute to the organizations committed to our mental and spiritual health.

Tribute to the professionals whose consulting services are so important.

Tribute to the fitness sector, which is offering virtual workouts to keep us fit and in good spirits.

Tribute to all the companies that are carrying on their vital activities, and to those who have made the difficult decision to restrict activities or close down in order to ensure our safety, particularly the cultural, tourist, philanthropic and real estate sectors.

Tribute to the employees of all companies and institutions, including the MFLPR team, who continue to roll up their sleeves despite the distressing situation they are all experiencing.

Tribute to all those in positions of leadership who continue to show confidence and creativity - despite their doubts and the personal impacts on their lives.

Tribute to the citizens who are setting aside their quality of life for the common good by strictly following the isolation guidelines or by offering their services, especially to our seniors.

Tribute to journalists, bloggers and the entire information ecosystem - you are doing crucial and remarkable work.

Tribute to our dear clients and partners, who are bravely carrying on amidst the chaos. This too shall pass, and we will help you through it.    

The people of Quebec will come out stronger.

MFLPR is obviously taking part in this collective endeavour - we are available remotely to assist you. Let's stay in touch and be supportive of each other. And together, let’s begin to prepare for post- COVID-19.

Mylène, Annie and the entire MFLPR team

By Mylène Forget