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A strategic e-commerce alliance: tillit brings new energy to Le Site


Montréal, Québec, June 4, 2019 – Nearly six months after investing in Le Site, a Montréal digital company specializing in e-commerce, web strategy, Magento development and brand marketing, tillit is thrilled that the strategic partnership has far surpassed the expectations of both companies, thanks in part to their common values and shared vision of the future. 
Le Site’s clients include innovative businesses like Clément, Moose Knuckles, Canac, Dart Aerospace and Rousseau Métal, all leaders of their respective industries. The firm leverages the creativity of its highly resourceful human capital to meet the needs of its clients and enable them to achieve their sales and marketing objectives. 
The first Canadian company to receive a Magento award (Best B2B UX 2017), Le Site was founded in Montréal over a decade ago and is helmed by a seasoned team that includes well-known experts. Their expertise in e-commerce, digital marketing and building online marketplaces will be a source of inspiration and support in their business development projects.
Solid growth prospects
Thanks to the involvement of tillit, Le Site is looking to hire fifteen new employees in the near future, expanding their current team of over 30 Sitizens already serving clients with their creativity and resourcefulness. 
“tillit is proud to have among its ranks a homegrown company like Le Site, which provides services to a clientele of local, national and international businesses looking for creative and strategic tech solutions that drive sales,” said Erick Vadeboncoeur, CEO of tillit. “The recent months have shown that we can rely on their talented and passionate team, whose collaborative work ethic promises to push the envelope on performance in contributing to the development of our future projects. Our ultimate aim is to enhance—and even revolutionize—the online customer experience.” 
Thanks to the additional investment in its business model, this partnership will enable Le Site to make breakthroughs in research and development, which will add value for current and prospective clients of the company and serve as a lever for its growth while also increasing the team’s level of pride in their work.
A company culture focused on training
By allotting an average of four hours a week for training to each of its employees, Le Site demonstrates its commitment to continually developing its team’s skills and reinforces the position it has carved out with clients looking for niche expertise.
With the aim of obtaining Magento certification for its employees, Le Site launched the first phase of a training initiative in October 2018 that has so far resulted in half of its production team becoming certified. But the company doesn’t plan to stop there, devoting maximum resources to enable both current and future employees to pursue this goal. 
“We’re essentially following the model of a top-level sports team, where it’s inconceivable that players would only play matches without ever training,” said Michael Bliah, Executive Vice-President, Online Platform Division at tillit. “If we want to reach great heights, we need to adopt the same philosophy and equip our Sitizens to better advise our clients.” 
About tillit
The four pillars of the company: CARE – LEAD – INSPIRE TRUST – IMPROVE. tillit, which means trust in Norwegian, tailors its online sales platforms to enhance the shopping experience, promote wellness and respond to consumers’ needs—not just maximize profits. tillit develops online marketplaces focused on consumer needs and experiences and builds brands for the 21st century. Helmed by a team of e-commerce and digital marketing leaders, tillit promotes simplicity, accessibility and trust within the projects it chooses to invest in. 
About Le Site
Founded in Montréal over 12 years ago, Le Site’s team of over 30 Sitizens represents a pool of highly motivated and resourceful individuals whose human capital ensures clients’ digital marketing objectives are met. Whether they use a B2B, B2C or even H2H business model, Le Site delivers integrated solutions that enable clients to optimize their e-commerce platform and manage their lifecycle while generating business opportunities. 
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