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The world’s first AI designed to boost motivation


Montréal, October 16, 2018 – Claire Tremblay and Éveline Canape, owners of Québec gym franchise Énergie Cardio, are thrilled to underscore their commitment to innovation with the launch of the Wizper-Motiv program exclusively at Énergie Cardio.
Wizper-Motiv is a first for the fitness and wellness centre market,” said Claire Tremblay, President of Énergie Cardio. “This groundbreaking program was developed in Québec. It uses artificial intelligence to let us keep a close eye on different indicators of our members’ motivation levels so we know immediately when it drops.” 
According to Éveline Canape, Vice-President and motivation specialist, dedication is one of the main hurdles in the gym and fitness industry. “A significant percentage of those who undertake a fitness program—up to 45%—quit after just a few months,” she explained. “Attendance after the first month is based on dedication. If a trainer is alerted as soon as attendance starts to fall off, they can intervene quickly and remedy the situation. This is where Wizper-Motiv will be a particularly effective tool.”
Developed by Lanla, Wizper-Motiv is a revolutionary new solution and the only platform of its kind to offer real-time notifications and personalized digital management support on a large scale. This is made possible by leveraging the world’s first AI designed to focus on customer experience and operational data management.
“Énergie Cardio is a longtime partner of ours, and we’re proud that we could offer our customer experience expertise to such a successful and innovative company,” said Christian Watier, President of Lanla. “Wizper-Motiv is a powerful AI tool that will not only allow our client to retain members, but also to help members meet their fitness goals.”
“Since we became the owners of Énergie Cardio, we haven’t stopped innovating,” added Claire Tremblay. “That’s what has allowed us to grow continuously over the past two years. Wizper-Motiv, the latest innovation from Énergie Cardio, will not only boost growth and member retention, but will more importantly enable our members to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”
About Lanla
Lanla is a customer experience leader. Founded in 2002, they are a marketing research firm specializing in measuring and managing the customer experience. Their team of experts and avant-garde methods have become vital to Québec companies and executives seeking to reposition their customer experience. 
Lanla’s tools and methodological approaches allow them to draw all information relevant to clients directly from the heart of a company’s operations. Their tools are powerful and their recommendations are immediately profitable.
About Énergie Cardio 
Founded in 1985, Énergie Cardio has been a leader in the fitness industry in Québec for over three decades. In 2016, the company was acquired by a pair of Québec entrepreneurs (a kinesiologist and a physical educator) who have maintained its original vision while also striving to break new ground and make fitness more accessible for Quebecers. 
With the support of over 800 employees, including motivating certified trainers, Énergie Cardio gyms help improve the health and wellness of Québec’s population by offering dynamic and effective programs at their 30 modern facilities. Énergie Cardio members have access to a complete training experience that will allow them to reach their full potential.
With an eye towards ensuring the company’s growth and bringing their new programs to even more people, anyone who is passionate about fitness and improving the quality of life of Quebecers’ is invited to explore the various Énergie Cardio franchise opportunities across the province.
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By Mario Daigle