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A new look for the RE/MAX Collection : One in four Quebecers aspires to own a luxury home one day!


Laval, Québec, September 20, 2018 // With a new marketing campaign for the RE/MAX Collection, RE/MAX Québec released today the results of an online survey on luxury properties conducted in collaboration with polling firm Leger. The survey was completed by a sample group of 200 Quebecers aged 35 to 60 with an annual household income equal to $150,000 or greater and 270 RE/MAX agents who serve the niche market of clients buying or selling luxury properties. Their answers shed light on the profile of a prospective luxury property buyer in Québec and the desired characteristics for this type of property.
RE/MAX Québec has also released their Collection updated real estate marketing program for prestigious houses and luxury properties, which will better meet the needs of clients interested in this type of purchase or sale. The Collection’s new web page will help clients looking to buy or sell a luxury property make their dream a reality by allowing them to browse properties and access the expertise of RE/MAX agents specializing in this market.
A dream that could come true
Who hasn’t drempt of owning a luxury property? Many Quebecers believe this dream is out of reach for all but the extremely wealthy, but that isn’t necessarily the case. According to reports, one in ten families in Québec have an annual household income equal to $150,000  or greater, which was the income bracket targeted by the Leger 360 survey. Not such an impossible dream, after all!
When asked about personality traits, nearly two thirds of respondents said they had a thoughtful temperament. Three quarters described their decision-making style as rational rather than emotional or intuitive when it comes to buying a property. It was with this in mind that one in four respondents said that they would like to own a single-family luxury home one day.
These prospective buyers don’t necessarily live like the rich and famous, but have the means to reach their goals and aim above all to enjoy life and have fun. Although they enjoy spending time outside, they also appreciate evenings at home with friends or family. They dress and spend conservatively and engage in physical activity on a regular basis. 
The luxury home buyers are looking for
The survey respondents also included 270 RE/MAX Québec agents specializing in luxury homes, who provided insight into the type of properties clients typically want to buy. These agents understand the needs of their clientele, and the fact that their answers match those of the prospective buyers indicates that Quebecers currently buying or selling luxury homes have the same priorities as those who aim to do so later on.
Known for their hospitality and appreciation for fine food, Quebecers love to cook and share meals with good company. It’s therefore no surprise that nearly three quarters of buyers focused on the kitchen in their criteria for buying a new home.
They want the kitchen to be spacious, functional and equipped with state-of-the-art appliances. A little over 45% also want the master bedroom to have an en-suite bathroom with high-quality materials.
About a third of buyers cited landscape design as a factor in their search for a dream home. The respondents were, however, not  in agreement about having a swimming pool on the property; while prospective buyers said it was a priority, only half as many current clients included it in their criteria. 
Buyers were overall divided about wanting a classic or modern style of home, as well as the desired location. A similar proportion were looking for a waterfront property (2 out of 3) that provided privacy from neighbours (1 on 4).
Buyers were aware that these qualities come at a price, with most estimating that a single-family luxury home would cost upwards of half a million dollars: 34% answered $500,000 to $749,999, 31% answered $750,000 to $999,999 and 20% answered $1,000,000 to $1,499,999. 
The updated RE/MAX Collection: THE solution for consumers
RE/MAX agents are experts in high-end real estate (large properties with upscale materials or unique designs in exclusive locations). They know the market inside out and have the expertise to ensure clients steer clear of potential pitfalls when making this kind of real estate transaction. 
“The steps we’ve taken to better serve our clients in the luxury market have included providing more effective search tools and offering promotional initiatives to facilitate their high-end home or condo transaction,” said Sylvain Dansereau, Executive Vice-President, RE/MAX Québec. “With this update to the RE/MAX Collection, our agents can ensure a unique experience for clients, whether they’re buying or selling.” 
Buyers can visit the new page on the RE/MAX Québec website to browse high-end properties with prices ranging from $500,000 to over $1,750,000 for luxury homes and up to $1,000,000 for luxury condos, based on the location. The site aims to showcase properties by providing clients with all of the information they need, including the price, address, year of construction and detailed description of the building (number and dimensions of rooms along with the type of flooring and other technical details, municipal and school taxes, energy costs, etc.). 
Clients can benefit not only from the expertise of agents with experience in the luxury real estate market, but also from a range of promotional tools designed for these properties. Nothing is left to chance with a combination of professional photos, YouTube videos shared on social media, well-written descriptions and high-end branding, including the RE/MAX Collection sign out front. 
Those looking to buy or sell a luxury home or condo in an exclusive neighbourhood or in the heart of big cities won’t find a network with better visibility than RE/MAX International, with its 120,000 agents in over 100 countries and website (global.remax.com) that can be viewed in 32 languages and 64 currencies. 
The Leger online survey was completed between August 22 and September 2, 2018 by 270 agents from the RE/MAX Québec network and a sample group of 200 Quebecers aged 35 to 60 with a household income equal to $150,000 or greater.
Data from Statistics Canada was used to weight respondents’ answers based on gender, age, region of residence and maternal language and ensure that results reflected the target population as a whole.
For comparison, a random sample of 270 respondents would have a +/- 6.0% margin of error, 19 times out of 20 (95% of cases) while a random sample of 200 respondents would have a +/- 6.9% margin of error, 19 times out of 20 (95% of cases).
About RE/MAX Québec
With 3,700 agents across 146 offices, RE/MAX puts Québec’s biggest sales force at your disposal. RE/MAX agents represent 19% of Québec’s real estate agent pool and account for 42% of the total market share. There are over 120,000 RE/MAX agents in nearly 100 countries worldwide. 
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