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RE/MAX Québec and its network of franchisees and agents—serving Quebecers for 35 years!


“By building a network of independent franchisees and agents and giving them the flexibility they need to meet our clients’ needs, we’ve made enormous strides in the world of real estate in the last 35 years.”

Sylvain Dansereau, Executive Vice-President of RE/MAX Québec

Laval, QC, September 25, 2017 RE/MAX Québec is celebrating its 35th anniversary with a bang by rolling out a new advertising strategy. Developed with Gendron Communication, the campaign’s spokesperson is none other than renowned comedian André Sauvé. His exceptional talent, smarts and suave sense of humour showcase how the province’s biggest real estate company serves Quebecers every day. Sauvé emphasizes the client focus of RE/MAX Québec’s hard-working network of franchisees and agents. Plus, he puts in a good word for realtors with a clear message: If Quebecers want to make their dreams come true, they can put their trust in the agents representing Québec’s top brand. 
RE/MAX Québec has partnered with the country’s biggest broadcaster, CBC/Radio-Canada, to televise this creative and interactive campaign. In the coming months, Quebecers can enter a major contest with 12 one-of-a-kind international trips up for grabs. During the commercial breaks of 12 of Radio-Canada’s hit shows, Sauvé will give viewers clues that they’ll have to find during the episodes. Since you can only enter the contest during the broadcast, viewers will have to tune in. The 12 winners will be announced on the evening of December 31 on Radio-Canada.
A new season, a new image, the same client focus
When RE/MAX entered the Québec market in 1982, some Millennials weren’t even born yet. CD players were revolutionizing the music industry and blockbusters like ET and Back to the Future were released on the silver screen. Windows, Apple and Game Boy weren’t even part of our vocabulary yet! All this time, the iconic blue, white and red hot-air balloon was just gracing Québec’s skies, soon to become a mainstay in our collective imagination. 
“While consumers still easily recognize our brand, it’s a good time to refresh our image. Our logo is now brighter, more modern and more appealing to our clients, who will still instantly recognize our brand. RE/MAX will always be known for quality. This next step is a brand evolution, not a brand revolution,” said Dansereau. 
Whether through its partnership with the celebrated Opération Enfant Soleil, which has raised nearly $23 million over 30 years to help sick children, its support for the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP), giving more families the chance to buy their dream home, or its own Tranquilit-T consumer protection program for buyers and sellers, RE/MAX has revolutionized Québec’s real estate market. Thanks to these initiatives, you can find a franchisee or agent in every Québec community. We take your well-being to heart! 
RE/MAX strongly believes that its new brand image will give its franchisees and agents a competitive edge. Its futuristic and minimalist design can be more easily adapted to both print (For-sale signs, posters, magazines and newspapers) and digital media (mobile marketing and social media). 
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About RE/MAX Québec
With approximately 3,600 agents across 145 offices, RE/MAX puts Québec’s biggest sales force at your disposal. RE/MAX agents represent 20% of Québec’s real estate agent pool and control more than 40% of the total market share. Visit RE/MAX Québec for more information.
For 30 years, RE/MAX has been supporting Opération Enfant Soleil, a non-profit organization that raises funds to help sick children in the province. Since 1988, RE/MAX has raised more than $22.6 million to support the development of high-quality pediatrics for all children in Québec.