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Quebec’s new line of ugly fruits and vegetables hits grocery stores Introducing the Rebels: ugly, but tasty!


Montreal (Quebec), May 30, 2017 – They’re funny looking, tasty and nutritious! Consumers looking for healthy foods at reasonable prices will now have the option to get their hands on a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from Quebec’s new Rebels line as of June 1. Freshly picked and shipped to grocery stores in all their natural splendour, Quebec-grown cucumbers, tomatoes and apples are but a few of the seven products in the Rebels line, which stands out by offering non-standard fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices.
Initially distributed in Metro grocery stores and sold nearly 30% cheaper than standard fruits and vegetables, Rebels products are challenging current conventions by offering a smart and affordable alternative to consumers.  “We’re excited to see our project come to fruition,” said Marie Gosselin, shareholder and Sales and Marketing Strategist. “The Rebels line of ugly fruits and vegetables stems from our desire to offer fresh and tasty products that all consumers, on any budget, can add to their grocery list.”
Won over by this product line, with its zany marketing concept and brilliant, no-waste content, host and producer Alexandra Diaz is thrilled to see such initiatives take root in Quebec: “As an entrepreneur, I love seeing local businesses launch projects like the Rebels, which improve access to healthy products. Who says a two-headed carrot can’t be pretty? It’s fresh and tasty to boot, and so is a lumpy tomato! The important thing is that more families across Quebec can add more fruits and vegetables to their grocery cart.” 
Meanwhile, Johanne Desrochers, acting CEO of the Quebec Produce Marketing Association, salutes this new fruit and vegetable line made possible through the collaboration of local producers who, by joining the Rebels, seek to broaden access to fresh, healthy and quality products, while reducing food waste by monetizing most of their harvests and increasing fruit and vegetable consumption across Québec.
The Rebels line of fruits and vegetables includes potatoes, carrots, peppers, onions and apples sold in 907 g to 2.26 kg bags, as well as Quebec-grown cucumbers and tomatoes sold in bulk and 30% cheaper than products graded No. 1. 
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By Mélissa Lapierre-Grano