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JAZZ FUNDRAISING GALA IN SUPPORT OF RELATIONAL HEALTH / The Herstreet Foundation pays tribute to its major donors and raises over $137,000 for homeless women and women in difficulty


Montreal (Quebec), October 27, 2016– On October 25, the Herstreet Foundation held its Jazz Fundraising Gala in support of relational health under the honorary presidency of Ms. Geneviève Everell, owner-chef of Sushi à la Maison, author and speaker. The gala evening was a resounding success, raising over $137,000. Held in Montreal’s majestic Théâtre Paradoxe, the event brought together nearly 300 people from the business and political communities. The evening kicked off with a word to the guests by Mayor Denis Coderre, an ally of Herstreet.

In thanking all those who generously supported Herstreet’s major fundraising campaign from 2013 to 2016, executive director and founder Léonie Couture highlighted the contribution of the organization’s major donors, whose actions and monetary gifts enabled Herstreet to carry out important projects, such as last year’s opening of the Maison Jacqueline, allowing it to support even more homeless women. As a token of her immense gratitude, Ms. Couture gave a recognition plaque to the Bank of Montréal, Desjardins, the Pathy Family Foundation, the Velan Foundation, Gaz Métro, Power Corporation and the organization’s spokesperson, actress Catherine Proulx-Lemay. Their commitment attests to their steadfast support of Herstreet’s cause and the work it accomplishes.

To top off the evening, guests were treated to a musical performance by internationally renowned jazz pianist, Mr. Oliver Jones, a great friend of Herstreet.

Herstreet recognizes that the state of homelessness often results from issues of relational health, which is the capacity to connect with oneself and others. As such, it has made recognition of relational health the guiding principle on which its entire care and services program is based. In Herstreet’s vision, relational health is an integral part of health in general, to the same degree as physical and mental health. In 2015, over 1,000 homeless women were able to obtain care and services at one of Herstreet’s three houses.

About Herstreet          

For over 20 years, Herstreet has offered assistance to homeless women: women who have survived the worst and whose lives are frozen due to a state of chronic fear and shame. Herstreet’s programs offer care and activities aimed at helping them heal their deep relational wounds and get their life back on track.

You can make a difference and help these women get off the streets by volunteering, by offering service sponsorships or by making a financial donation. For more details, visit laruedesfemmes.org.



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