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Mounira Taleb
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  • 514 842 2455 ext. 10
  • administration@mflrp.ca
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  • Dance (including salsa, bachata and samba)
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  • Art and film

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Assistant Coordinator

Mounira Taleb

If we free ourselves from convention and dare to go off the beaten path, we can explore a whole new world of possibilities.

Versatile, considerate and a true people person, Mounira has an inquisitive, open mind. She’s always looking to learn from others and enjoys working in a supportive environment where she can help out her colleagues.

Mounira started working at Massy Forget Langlois Public Relations at the beginning of the year and has been using her marketing, communications and business skills to make her projects a success. She provides critical support to the PR team when it comes time to coordinate events, prepare press reports and manage suppliers.

With a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Université du Québec à Montréal and technical training in social media strategy, Mourina’s passion for the visual arts and cinema led her to enrol in a film and television production program to expand her expertise.


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