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Geneviève Cormier
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Geneviève Cormier

“A successful public relations campaign hinges on the ability to target the issues, seize opportunities, and deftly craft a message for the target audience. But to pull it off with style, you need to add a generous dash of good judgment, forethought, and tact!”
Backed by her strong interpersonal skills, Geneviève is adept at building and maintaining relationships of trust. Her natural curiosity means that no detail escapes this young woman, who’s also known for her foresight.
Before joining the Massy Forget Langlois Public Relations firm, she earned her chops with the media relations team at the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM), where she had an opportunity to forge ties in the media industry, sharpen her sense of dialectics, and deepen her expertise in positioning strategies.
Geneviève started out in the healthcare sector as an interventional radiology technologist, then transitioned to the field of public relations after five years. She quickly realized that in her new area of endeavour, it takes a team to achieve the best outcomes.
With an eye to growing the reputation of her city, Montréal, she got involved by putting her skills to work in projects and organizations like Montréal en Histoire and Je vois Montréal
Geneviève earned a bachelor of Public Relations from Université du Québec à Montréal, where she was responsible for the program’s tutoring and social networks for more than three years. She improved her education in communications and media at Université de Montpellier III in France.


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